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We are some people who have started a network against honour related violence. Despite that this violence, aimed mainly toward women, is of a special nature it is played down.

The myth which is spread is that this is not a separate type of violence, even though it is directed against children, women, men, homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality, and is grounded in religious fundamentalism and conservative traditions. The violence and threat is sanctioned collectively, in the extreme by the whole community and the perpetrators are regarded as heroes.

This comparison that this is as all other violence against women or to claim that it is racism to fight against this is unjust. Honour related violence is an international issue and not, as some people maintain, a Swedish issue. It exists throughout the world. Recently, those of us who work against this have experienced that people want to put a lid on this invisible phenomenon.

The problem is that it is inbuilt in the community's foundation which is grounded in religious and moralist values and even in our own laws and social structure. While this violence goes on it is a strong threat against equal opportunity in work, both in Sweden and other countries. Violence is hostile to women and is racistic and homophobic. That is why it is important to work against this violence.

It is difficult work, we need to be many in the network and well distributed over the country to be successful. We also need to work on an international level. That is why we have started a politically independent network with committed people like politicians, researchers, organisations and individuals.

The idea is that we together, can work as lobbyists so that honour related violence is taken seriously and that the community does its utmost to combat this.

You can choose yourself whether to be passive or active in the network. When you express your interest to join, please state whether or not it is Ok to publish your details as a supporter, together with the others. Please give the name(s) of other people who you believe would be interested in joining so that we may contact them.

If you want to support us:
IBAN SE82 9500 0099 6042 0452 7750, BIC NDEASESS

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